Monday, November 15, 2010

Avoid Furnace Hazards, Cut Heating Expenses

Now is the time to ensure your furnace is safe and working correctly. A furnace should be cleaned and checked every year by a qualified heating contractor to avoid safety hazards.

“A clean, efficiently burning gas furnace produces minimal carbon monoxide, while a dirty, inefficiently burning one can produces deadly amounts,” said Charlie Simmons of BrightHome. “Plus, newer furnaces are equipped with features that shut off the furnace when a problem is detected.”

Signs that your heater needs to be replaced or serviced are scale-- or flakes of rust produced by the by-products of burning gas, grinding or chattering sounds from electrical relays, dusty smells when you turn on the system. Older furnaces don’t have as many safety features to let you know there is a problem.

“When we conduct a safety inspection, we’re making sure the carbon monoxide levels are normal and that your heating system has adequate ventilation,” said Charlie.

“Then, we inspect the heating system thoroughly for small cracks in the combustion chamber that may allow carbon monoxide to leak into the home. From there, we check the flue, thermostat, safety controls, gas pilot, heat exchanger, burners, piping, air-filter and blower operation. When dealing with a deadly gas like that, we don’t overlook anything.”

Safety measures you can take right now are making sure the area around your furnace is unobstructed and to change your filer regularly. Also, keep the burner area around the furnace clean. Remember, a yellow light is a sign you need your furnace checked out by a professional such as BrightHome.


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