Friday, May 31, 2013


Quick Tips to Save Energy with the Summer HEAT!

1.  Use Energy Star ceiling fans to stay cool even while you raise the air conditioner settings.

2.  Clean or replace your air conditioner air filters.  Increase efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.

3.  Turn off electric devices that are not in use.  It will decrease the heat in your home and save electricity. 

4.  Be sure to program your thermostat to run comfortably when you are home, rather than all day. 

5.  Contact BrightHome for an Energy Audit today to learn how insulation can help your cooling bills!    

6.  Drink plenty of water to hydrate and keep you cool!      


  1. Very well said. We all know that in the world there are so many discrepancies regarding the environment and other natural issues. But we just simply ignore these issues and think about ourselves that how complete our greed or our so called need.
    The tips which you mention in this blog is seriously amazing and too good. By implementing in these tips we can save so many things and control the need of human, such as AC's etc. There is a website named Quantum energy who work in a different manner. They do Thermal Coatings to ensure that this step save more and more energy.

  2. I really like your advice to replace your air conditioner air filters. A lot of people don't realize how important it is to keep you air conditioner maintained well. It really does elongate the lifespan of the equipment. Plus, as you said, it also uses less energy. When it uses less energy, that means that it saves you money.

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