Thursday, July 15, 2010

$3,000 of Rebates Expires Today!

Have you made the switch to a natural gas-fired heating system?

Con Edison customers residing in one to four family homes, who both convert to a natural gas-fired heating system and have a participating contractor such as BrightHome to install eligible high-efficiency gas-fired heating equipment, may be eligible to receive both a conversion rebate of $2,000 and an equipment rebate of up to $1,000.

Health & Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas:

• Gas-powered hot-water heaters provide precise temperature control and quick recovery time for hot showers and baths

• Natural gas produces less particulates when it is burned, so fewer harmful particles will enter your lungs

• Natural gas has lower emission levels of the criteria pollutants regulated by the Clean Air Act, and carbon dioxide, the principal greenhouse gas.

• Carbon dioxide emissions are about 42% lower for gas-heated residences than those heated with oil.

• The use of natural gas in your home can help you conserve natural resources because it reduces energy production.

The deadline for this program is July 15, 2010! BrightHome will provide the applications, proposals and work requests required to complete the program.

Just give us a call at 914.909.5300 and we will get started the natural gas-fired heating system that will cut your energy costs!

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