Monday, June 14, 2010

Finance Your Energy Efficient Home

With today's financing options, cash back incentives and tax credits, Energy Audits and home energy solutions are more affordable than ever.

By implementing the proper measures, you could be cutting your home energy bills by 40%—savings that start paying dividends the very first month.

Our finance options include a low-interest New York Energy Star loan, NYSERDA Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star® loan, and both secured and unsecured FHA Title-One Home Improvement Loans. Some of these state-funded opportunities may not be available next year, so take advantage of them now! For a detailed look at these options, click here.

Call BrightHome today at 914-909-5300 to find out what you can do to start saving money on your energy bills.

You'll feel better and pay less with a Bright Home!

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BrightHome proved the efficiency gains... Our energy use year-on
year decreased right away.

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