Thursday, January 14, 2010


BrightHome Energy Solutions has hired 23 employees since its kick off in August 2009; 17 of whom were previously unemployed.

The company’s fast paced growth in the home weatherization sector has resulted in 23 new "green-collar" jobs for positions such as energy savings consultants, contractors, carpenters, caulkers, insulators and sales associates.

“It's fantastic to see growth in our community and to provide jobs when the unemployment picture is so bleak. Especially in an industry that promotes energy efficiency and clean energy solutions for the environment,” said chief operating officer, Mike Brown.

BrightHome's workforce helps homeowners in Westchester County reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills. Using state-of-the-art thermal detection equipment and highly effective insulating and sealing techniques, homeowners report up to 40% lower energy bills and are enjoying a warmer, more comfortable home during winter months.

“Our employees couldn’t be happier. They really enjoy implementing our energy-saving solutions,” said Brown. "They're helping families live better by reducing energy costs and making informed decisions to help the environment."

BrightHome's comprehensive home energy assessment, also known as energy audit, is the first step in BrightHome’s diagnostic process. A BrightHome energy consultant inspects the home inside and out, checking each room's efficiency and safety. The exterior is checked for structural deficiencies and leakage points. The detailed assessment covers more than 75 inspection points.

BrightHome offers a wide range of services including comprehensive home assessments (also known as energy audits), air sealing, HVAC installation and repair, insulation, ENERGY STAR® products and energy-efficient windows and doors.

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