Friday, October 2, 2009

NY To Take Part In Energy-Efficiency Program

Those who took advantage of the cash-for-clunkers program might want to get ready for a similar project pertaining to energy-efficient home appliances.

A $300 million federal program will provide rebates to consumers who purchase Energy Star appliances, but, this time they can leave their old clunkers at home.

Not only does the program seek to help the environment by promoting efficient appliances, but it is also aimed at boosting sales for appliance makers. According to Business Week, Whirlpool has seen sales drop, as has Electrolux and General Electric.

Colleen Ryan, spokesperson for the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority said New York does plan to participate in the federal program and will submit a plan to enable it to do so by Oct. 15. If the plan is accepted by the federal government, the rebate program for appliances will begin in November. New York's energy agency is eligible to receive $18.7 million for the program.

"We encourage people when they are replacing appliances they do look at the Energy Star brand," she said, adding the brand will save energy. "It's important people realize they should recycle old appliances," she said, adding doing so gets inefficient appliances off the market.

- excerpt from The Post-Journal

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